All new Double Loop Leather Bracelet Design Idea

Posted by Johnnie on 10/29/2013 to Design Ideas
Our two tone double loop leather bracelet design idea combines 4.5mm round greek leather with both antique silver, and antique copper components. The sample bracelet in our image combined 2 separate clasps in different finished to achieve the complete two tone look we wanted.

If you're interested in creating the same look for your closure, its we suggest making two of these bracelets so you don't end up wasting half of each of the clasps. You can find a variety of different 4.5mm round leather in our 4.5mm round greek leather category.

The entire design was created using
  • 1 12" Segment of natural 4.5mm leather
  • 6 Antique Silver Double Slice Spacers
  • 6 Antique Copper Double Slicer Spacers
  • 1 Hammered Antique Silver Center Piece
  • 1 2 strand 4.5mm Clasp, or 2 clasps mixed for the effect in our design photo 
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