Beadalon 19 strand .015 24K Gold Plated (15 feet)

Beadalon 19 strand .015 24K Gold Plated (15 feet)

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Stringing Material


Beadlon Wire




24K Gold Plated
Beadalon wire is miniature, multistrand stainless steel cable that is nylon coated and made specifically for bead stringing.  There are three varieties. 
  • Good Flexibility (7 Strand)
  • Better Flexibility (19 Strand)
  • Bead Flexibility (49 Strand)
This 19 Strand Wire provides better flexibility and softness, and is perfect for making finer quality beaded designs that drape naturally and look elegant.
  • Soft, Silky Feel
  • High Strength
  • UV Resistant
  • Kink resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Near 0% Stretch
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