Black Onyx 16mm Faceted Square Beads

Black Onyx 16mm Faceted Square Beads

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Black Onyx 16mm Faceted Square
 Beads 11pcs approx

Size: 16mm X 16mm

Shape: Faceted Square

Material: Black Onyx

Packaging:  Strand (approx 11 pcs)

What Is Black Onyx?

Black Onyx, a member of the chalcedony family, is a gemstone made up of tiny microscopic crystals. It is a very popular gemstone in both womenÌs and menÌs jewelry because its black color acts as a great complement to white metals like sterling silver, as well as clear crystals and CZs. Most black onyx on the market today is treated to give it its dark black color. Black onyx is sometimes faceted or fashioned into beads.

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