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Easy Beading - Bold Statement Cuff

Make a Statement with this Stand-out Leather Bracelet
The bold statement cuff is created with a centerpiece combinded with 3 strips of 10mm flat leather.
Materials Needed
  • 30mm Center Piece
  • 30mm Clasps
  • 21 inches of 10mm Flat Leather

Tools & Supplies Needed
  • A Sharpie (Or other variety of Black Marker)
  • Super New Glue
  • Sharp Scissors

Skill Level

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**Leather is sold by the inch, and will be sent in 1 length**

Simply select your centerpiece, clasp, and 3 10 x 1.5mm flat leather in whichever colors your prefer, then follow our step by step directions in our Bead School.

10 x 1.5mm Flat Greek Leather - Coral

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Super New Glue for Leather

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