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Easy Beading - Braided Licorice Leather Bracelet


Using a basic braiding
technique you can combine
4mm round Greek leather
with our Pave  clasps &
components for Licorice Leather and
achieve a completely new

Materials needed for this project (All available below)

  • 1 yard of 4mm Round Greek leather
  • 1 TCB 30 x 12mm Full Crystal Pave Magnetic Clasp for Licorice Leather
  • At Least 2 TCB 4.5 x 14mm Crystal Pave Slider Slice for Licorice Leather
Tools needed:
  • Super New Glue
  • Ruler
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Bent Nose Pliers (Not required, but makes life easier)
Instructions available on the bottom of this page

Cord straight cutter plastic - Blue

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Cord straight cutter plastic - Black

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Super New Glue for Leather

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