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Easy Beading - Heavy Metals Bracelet

Materials needed for this bracelet
  • 1 Antique Silver Center Piece
  • 1 Antique Silver Double Barrel Clasp
  • 1 Segment of 4.5mm Round Leather
  • At least 1 Spacer bead

If you need more than a 8 inch bracelet, you will need some additional leather to account for trimming.

  • Cut your 12" of Leather in Half
  • For Horizontal Design (pink)
    • Load Leather into clasps, load beads, and determine sizing.
    • Cut Leather to Size
    • Glue each piece of leather into 1 end of the clasps with a few drops of Super New Glue (let dry for a few minutes)
    • Load all your beads, and do a final check to make sure both pieces of leather are even.
    • Trim if needed, and glue into place.
  • For Vertical Design (Purple and Brown)
    • Load Leather centerpiece and center. load beads, then set into clasp. determine sizing.
    • Trim Leather as needed.
    • Reload all beads, and place into clasp to re-check sizing.
    • If sizing looks correct, use a few drops of Super new Glue to secure into place.