If you want to be a part of the latest trend in Jewelry making, browse our selection of European leathers and Components. Whether you're searching for the popular Licorice Leather, and accessories, or our unique selection of pave components for flat leather and round leather, you'll find it here.



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New to working with leather?

  • You'll need the proper tools for the job. When working with licorice leather and other European leather, you'll need Super New Glue to connect your leather to your findings.
  • Because licorice leather is so thick (10mm X 6mm), we always recommend using a Cord Straight Cutter to make cutting and trimming easier.
  • Leather is a natural product, and while sizes are fairly consistent, some batches of leather come in slightly larger or smaller

Looking for an easy way to get started?

  • Our Design Gallery has various designs for Flat Leather, Licorice Leather, and Round leather to get your started
  • Want some inspiration, but don't like the exact designs in our Design Gallery? Our Easy Beading section is full of ideas to get you started, but offers a lot more options
  • We also offer a variety of Leather Jewelry Kits that make the whole process even easier. Our Jewelry kits come with everything you need pre-packaged to complete the design you see. (Except your glue and cutter)

More About European Leathers

  • Flat Leather is available in a few different widths from 5mm, to 10mm. We have a variety of closure, and slides to create simple single strands, or extravagant cuffs with our multi strand line of pave clasps and slider beads.
  • Licorice Leather is a thick oval leather measuring 10mm X 6mm's. Clasps and slider beads for the licorice leather bracelet system are available in a variety of finishes including Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Antique Brass, and more.
  • We offer round greek leather in a range of sizes from 1.5mm to 4.5mm. We offer a wide range of components for 4.5mm leather, which most of the smaller sizes we use to incorporate with flat or licorice leather components to create braids or embellishments,

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