Half Round Licorice Leather
Half round licorice leather is a popular material for jewelry making, and TooCuteBeads.com offers various colors and styles that cater to various tastes. Featuring one flat side and one round side, this leather is perfect for creating impactful bracelets. Choose from various shades of cobra snakeskin patterned leather to create fun bracelets to match any outfit, or choose metallic shades for a glamorous touch. Create a more rustic look with stitched leather rope in patterns like snakeskin and animal skin.

Complete your bracelets in a snap with accessories like clasps and rubber O-rings. If you want to flaunt professional-quality jewelry, choose from an assortment of decorative sliders, which are special beads that slide easily onto licorice leather rope. These antique silver sliders come in an array of attractive, natural patterns. Licorice leather is both visually stunning and soft to the touch. Browse the selection at TooCuteBeads.com to create cool bracelets you can wear every day with a nearly limitless variety of ensemble options.

Half Round Licorice Leather


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