Explore our collection of professionally designed earring, bracelet and necklace jewelry kits. Our designers take the guess work out of jewelry creation. Each of our kits contains all the product you need to design beautiful jewelry without the extra beads, or headache. Get the project done quickly with our easy to follow step by step directions. Jewelry kits are great for beginners just getting started with jewelry making, but also offer quick, and easy project options for veteran designers as well. Explore our exclusive line of jewelry kits below.

Jewelry Kits


Our jewelry kits are made with the finest quality products, including but not limited to: Genuine Swarovski crystal beads, .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled components and Murano Glass. Each kit comes with wire, crimp tubes, crimp covers and instructions.

Note: Almost all of our kits can be made using simple stringing techniques. Our kits are designed so any level beader can create beautiful jewelry.

***Most Jewelry kits make approximately a 7.25" bracelet, unless otherwise noted. If you are unsure about the size of a bracelet, or need a larger size, please contact us. ***

These beaded jewelry kits compose the best quality products and include genuine Swarovski crystal beads, .925 Sterling Silver, 14k gold filled components and Murano Glass. These are only the major items to mention and there is a lot of other choice available too. There is wire, crimp tubes, crimp covers and complete set of instructions included in each of these beading kits.

And the fun part is that you need not be a high level beader to use these jewelry kit sets. They are designed for all kinds of users. Simple stringing techniques are required to create beautiful pieces of jewelry using these earring kits and jewelry kits. You simply need to think creative and we can provide you with all the material required at very low costs.

Our Holiday Jewelry Kits are one of the most popular kits that we sell. The Christmas tree and snowman kits are specially designed for holiday decorations and gifts. You and your family can create some wonderful pieces of decoration together and spend some memorable moments together! We also carry Pendant and Necklace Jewelry Kits, Earring Jewelry Kits, Shamballa Kits and more.

You can always contact us regarding any questions related to sizing etc. We will be more than happy to assist you create your exquisite handiwork.

Choose one or more from among our Beading & Jewelry Kits, Bracelet Kits, Beaded Bracelet Kits, Jewelry Kit Sets, Holiday Jewelry Kits and you can get started working at your very own beautiful creation right away!

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