Swarovski 10mm Round - Mocca (Pack of 6)

Swarovski 10mm Round - Mocca (Pack of 6)

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Swarovski Beads


Round (5000)




Sold in packs of 6, The 5000 10mm round bead is a multi faceted, and can can easily be used to enhance simple designs. The many facets on the 5000 Round Bead make this bead one of the most elegant in the Swarovski elements line of beads. The dark chocolate-brown color of the 10mm round Mocca bead is perfect when looking for a true brown, or an accent to tan and natural color beading designs. Mocca also compliments the Swarovski Element Sand opal color that was released at the same time.

At a Glance
  • Swarovski's precision cutting technique
  • Dark Chocolate Brown Coloring
  • Perfect Compliment to Swarovski's Sand Opal Elements
  • Vibrant and Uniform Coloring
  • Elegant and Versatile shape
  • Great for a natural look to your beading designs
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