Swarovski 8mm Top Drill Bicone - Padparadascha AB (10 pack)

Swarovski 8mm Top Drill Bicone - Padparadascha AB (10 pack)

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Sold in packs of 10, The Swarovski 6mm 6328 Top Drilled Xilion Cut Bicone offers the same shape and faceting of the Swarovski 5238 Xilion Cut Bicone Bead, but has a different hole style. Unlike the Bicone Bead, with its hole cut from point to point, the Top Drilled Bicone has a hole at the top of the bead, making it usable as a pendant as well as offering a huge variety of different design possibilities.

You can view our use of 8mm Swarovski Top Drilled bicones in our Original Toocutebeads.com design, the Rock Candy Bracelet.
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