Swarovski Crystal Pearls are made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating, which features a flawless, silky smooth rounded surface. Choose from a variety of colors, and sizes to add to your beaded jewelry designs.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski Crystal pearls manufactured by Swarovski in Austria is the leading producer of world's finest crystals. The super lustrous Swarovski crystal pearls finished with myriad layers of extremely radiant pearlescence very closely resemble the texture of an original pearl. The Swarovski pearls carry the greatest attributes of Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls. The wonderful and intricate craftsmanship of the famous Swarovski elements makes each pearl resemble the beauty and luster of an original pearl. These pearls are unlike other imitation pearls available in the market. Each Swarovski pearl consists of a crystal core that is wonderfully coated with polished pearl-like coating. This unique coating used to create each imitation pearl imparts the lustrous radiance of an original pearl and the process requires the efforts of a dedicated and skillful craftsmanship.

The velvety and flawless textures of the Swarovski pearls have gained them the most reputable recognition in the imitation pearl market. The charismatic fa¡ade of each Swarovski pearl radiate various shades of rainbow colors. These little masterpiece creations of Swarovski are available in a myriad palate of shades and shapes. The classy imitation pearls have the immense potential to adorn various kinds of jewelry designs like necklaces, earrings, finger rings. The boundless number of magnificent designs created from these pearls is a true treat to the eyes. The most fascinating characteristic of the Swarovski elements pearls is that every little piece is resistant to perspiration, Ultra violet rays of the sun, water, perfume and scratch. The anti-corrosive quality of the pearls bestows them all the original attributes of an original pearl. Jewelers and buyers are highly pleased with a Swarovski pearl.

Too Cut Beads have a wide array of Swarovski crystal pearls in incredible colors, cuts and shapes. Hone your creative skills by choosing one of the many available crystal pearls of exquisite quality and luster. Make the perfect jewelry design with our Swarovski pearls because we offer the best price.

Swarovski Elements Beads, Pendants, Pearls and Components come in a large variety of shapes and cuts and more than 50 colors and effects including the latest trend colors.

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