Wouldn't it be perfect to you learn to create beautiful jewelry designs and own an exclusive shop of handmade jewelry in the center of the city? Being honest, fine handmade jewelry doesn’t require any rocket science. You need to focus on some master tips for the art of customized jewelry making.

For beginner’s level, we’re about to share some easy tips so that you know exactly where to start from and find an edge towards self jewelry-making. Though, it’s not that hard. You only need to be creative at your passion, and the rest depends on following all the steps in the right order.

1. Select the Medium First

Don’t rush into “I will display every type of jewelry on my stall” because it’s against the realistic approach. Try a secure medium first that open many sub-doors for you. Suppose if you’re choosing beads then only select them. Don’t jump to the metal stamped jewelry or a glass refined the very next hour. For it may create more confusion for you and that’s why it is preferable to walk on a single track for now.

When you’re rightly done with the first medium, you can always play with other mediums later on.

2. Master Few Basic Skills

Whatever jewelry medium you choose; you should be proficient over some skills as making your jewelry brings many challenges for you. Start from basics. Learn how to open and close a jump ring properly or how to mold a pendant hook and maybe form a simple wire loop. Each technique helps you in different in making one-of-a-kind projects.

3. Invest In Quality Tools

By tools, we don’t mean your household toolbox. You should buy proper jewelry making tools and stock important jewelry components from wholesale to make your project a better turn out. At first, it will seem like a bit of an investment, but eventually, you will thank us later for having a collection of high-quality tools.

Once you got the right tools, you will be able to produce and transform any piece into a unique one.

4. Learn The Lingo

Learn to state a difference between a head pin and an eye-pin. Learn about the thinness and thickness of the bracelets with beads. You should know whether the bead wire is a 12-gauge or a 20 gauge. Before you do any buying, get clear of what you need. This will save you time, money and brain drainage.

5. Stock Up

If you want to buy earring kits or any DIY jewelry creation kit. Get your hands only on those elements that you need. Don’t stock unnecessary things and also don’t buy online. Go to any of the wholesale stores near to your locality and then purchase items after examining them.

6. Create a Comfortable Workspace

Make a spacious room or any corner which you as a crafter would like to sit there having a peace of mind. Set up your table, desk or drawer. Once you have it sort out your supplies and label everything. You can organize your jewelry supplies by buying inexpensive bins and boxes having dividers to easily store your DIY jewelry supplies.

7. Get Ideas from an Inspiration

Browse Interest and other DIY jewelry creation blogging sites to take new ideas for creating a unique piece. See their colours, sizes and styles but make your preferences. Hunt for some great tutorials on YouTube that becomes an easy future guide for you.

8. Take Classes Online

It’s a modern era, and the internet never fails to surprise us with the online opportunities it got for us. Take an online class on DIY jewelry making and let an experienced instructor sprinkle its magic on you. You can also register a basic beginner level course on wire wrapping, soldering etc.

9. Keep Calm

It’s okay if your first wire loop looks like a big mess. In the start, it will happen, but your skills will get better with time. By the tenth of your DIY cute and funky bracelet, note that you will be a pro. Just keep practicing.

10. Take Risks

Don’t hesitate in taking risks. Play around different tools and create you exceptional customized pieces. Don’t limit yourself to a specific, style, color or size of jewelry. Experiment with different mediums and see what is going to be like.

With these tips, you’ll master your class in the art of designing classy jewelry. We wish you good luck for your new passion. In case you get stuck at any point, start again from zero and make a new statement in customized jewelry making.

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