read about Swarovski's 2013 color innovations

Every year Swarovski launches a few new colors, so we're putting up a downloadable pdf of the complete Swarovski Guide for everything that came out up until 2013. Expect a lot more to be released next year, but for now, this should get you completely up to date.

This year we've seen a lot of very cool new Swarovski Elements, and below you can see the list of our favorite.

Light Silk

Neutral tones are always versatile when designing, and light silk work brilliantly with gemstone to pull out their natural beauty, and add just the right touch of sparkle.
Crystal Rose Gold

The Crystal rose gold effect is at the top of our list here at, and its probably because we've all been caught up in the Rose Gold Revolution!
Blackberry Pearl

It's Purple!!! Don't really need to say more.
Dark Moss Green

Dark moss green wasn't an instant hit when we first saw it, but once we saw how great it worked as our new 2013 Christmas Tree kit, it won us all over.

There's our list of favorites for 2013.... Can't wait to see whats coming next year!
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