.925 Sterling Silver 2 Hole CZ Button Slider - Pink Topaz

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Sold by the piece, this .925 Sterling Silver button slider comes in 3 pieces. Each slider features a 2mm AAA quality CZ color of your choosing. Ideal for use with 1.5mm leather, or Small Chain to create unique sliding necklaces.

How to use this button slider.
  1. Set the spring into the bottom component
  2. Set the CZ component onto the spring and lightly squeeze together
  3. Slide your leather through the opening.
  4. Let go of the button and the spring tension will hold the slider in place.

  • Hole Size: 2.0mm | .085"
  • Outside Diameter: 7.8mm | 0.31"
  • Height (fully compressed): 6.8mm | 0.27"
  • Finish: Anti-Tarnish (AT)

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