We've just released 2 new 10mm flat leather bracelet jewelry kits, with some exclusive Toocutebeads.com components. The technique in each of the kits is the same, but the centerpieces come in two different styles. 

 To create this kit, you need to learn two techniques. Both techniques are covered in our step by step instructions. 

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Step 1 Materials Included in Kit
  • Swarovski crystal embedded centerpiece
  • 2 Antique silver terminals
  • 3 .925 Sterling silver jump rings
  • 1 .925 Sterling silver lobster claw
  • Set of silver hex screws
  • Segment of chain
  • 6" Strip of 10mm flat leather
Additional Supplies Needed
  • Leather punch tool or revolving punch pliers
  • Hammer (if using punch tool)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Super new glue
  • Small screw driver
  • Bent nose pliers
  • a pen or marker
Step 2 To get started we need to create a couple of holes in our leather using our punch tool, or punch pliers. We prefer to use the punch and hammer for most projects here.
Step 3 and 4 Begin by lining your Swarovski Crystal embedded center piece up in the center of your 10mm flat leather. Use a pen or marker to determine where your holes need to go for your hex screws.
Step 5 and 6 Using a safe surface to hammer on, line your punch tool over your marks, and hit the top of the tool with your hammer until you're able to punch through the leather. You should end up with 2 clean holes to easily complete the next step.

**We use the 4.0mm punch in the Real Leather Crafts mini punch set for this project**
Step 7 and 8 Simply enter one of your hex screws into the back of your leather, and set your centerpiece on top of it. Screw the top of your hex screw on well enough to hold your centerpiece in place, but loose enough to line up your other hex screw.

Now add your second hex screw the same way.

Here is where we like to use our bent nose to hold the hex part, and a small screw driver to tighten the back.
Step 9 Line up your leather... as you can see, we didn't do a great job of centering this piece. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and cut your leather evenly.
Step 10 and 11 Now we have to build a closure with our remaining components.

For your first terminal (on the left) Use your bent nose pliers to open one of your jump rings and put your terminal, and chain onto it. Close tightly.

For your second terminal open one jump ring, connect it to your terminal and close. Now open your last jump ring, and connect it to your other jump ring and lobster claw.
Step 1 Once you've completed your terminals, try the bracelet around your wrist to determine if you need any additional trimming to find the size you're comfortable with.

Once you're happy with your sizing, add a few drops of super new glue and attach them to your leather.

Let dry for a few hours and wear!
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