follow the step by step guide below to create a stainless steel CrystalTex Jewelry Kit. View the Kit

Our new SteelTex Necklace Jewelry Kit combines stainless steel chain with Swarovski CrystalTex. Follow the step by step instructions below to complete your project, or use it as a guide to get creative with your own Swarovski CrystalTex Projects.

Step 1: Gather your materials and supplies

  • Super New Glue, Sharp Scissors, Iron (on non steam setting), Bent Nose Pliers, Nipper Tool
  • Flat Stainless Steel Chain, CrystalTex, Silver Terminals, Jumprings, Steel Chain, Artistic Wire, lobster claw.

Step 2: Iron your CrystalTex onto your wide stainless steel chain. *It is very important you use a non steam setting when applying your CrystalTex

Step 3: Run your artistic wire through your flat chain.

Step 4: Curve your chain using the artistic wire.

Step 5: Trim your artistic wire, along with any excess pieces of flat chain.

Step 6: Put a few drops of super new glue into your terminal.

Step 7: Insert your flat chain into the terminal. the repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other terminal

Step 8: Attach your chain to the terminals with your jump rings

Step 9: Attach your clasp and solid ring with jump rings

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