Quick and Easy Murano Pendant

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How to Create a Leather Lariat Necklace

Hot to Create your Own leather lariat necklace

One of out most recent necklace kits, and probably one of the most popular necklaces we've ever put together here at Toocutebeads.com. Our original necklace featured Swarovski pear pendants, but there really are a lot more possibilities out there. The basics of the necklace can remain the same, but by testing out different drops, you may find results that really match your style. Im gonna show you below how we put this kit together, and some great options to add a different twist to hit.

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Beading Technique - Create Swarovski Diamond Drop Earrings with Artistic Wire

Creating a Diamond Earring With Artistic Wire, and Swarovski Bicones
Learn how to design Gorgeous Crystal mesh bracelets by combining Swarovski 6mm Rounds with Nylon Mesh.
Materials Needed
Tools & Supplies Needed
Skill Level

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How to Make a Leather Love Knot Bracelet

Combine 5mm leather and regaliz sliders to create a cool bracelet
Materials Needed
  • 2 10 Inch lengths of 5mm Stitched Leather
  • 2 Regaliz Sliders
  • 1 Regaliz Magnetic Clasp
  • 4 Rubber O-Rings
You can find all the Materials under our easy beading projects
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super New Glue
  • Bent Nose Pliers, or flat nose pliers

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How to Make a Leather Rollo Chain Bracelet

Our latest design project is going to show you a new way to work with 1.5mm leather cord. This bracelet combines 1.5mm leather with 5.7mm Rollo Chain to form the base of the design. Connecting your toggle just takes a couple of jump rings, and you have a bracelet.

Materials Needed
  • 2 5.5mm Jump Rings
  • 2 7mm Jump Rings
  • 1 Toggle
  • 24 inches of 5.7mm Rollo Chain
  • 4 Feet of 1.5mm Leather Cord
View Kit (All materials needed are included in our kits)
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Nipper Tool
  • Super New Glue
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Clip Board (Makes life easier)

This project can easily be completed by a beginner with the right tools. Our only suggestion is that you've had experience opening and closing jump rings. Once you've got that down, the rest starts to fall in place pretty easy. I should probably also mention that if you haven't worked with super new glue before, a little bit goes a long way.... lets get started.

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Learn to create your own earrings

Our comprehensive video on beginning earring techniques will show you everything you need to know to start creating professional quality earring. 
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Learn to make your own bracelets

In this video Toocutebeads.com shows you all you need to know to make a bracelet.  Learn the tools you need, proper techniques, and everything else that makes your jewelry look professional.
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Working with Chinese Knotting Cord

See the technique we use you make working with Chinese Knotting Cord Easy
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Charlottes Web Multi Strand Shamballa Bracelet

Charlottes Web Jewelry KitView this step by step guide to learn to create the very popular Charlotte's Web 3 Strand Shamballa bracelet.
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Building a Shamballa Bracelet

Learning to Make a Shamballa Bracelet
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