Candy Cane Bracelet Kit Instructions

Begin by centering one of your closed rings onto your wire.  

 Bring the ends of your wire together and string 1 red bicone, followed by a crimp tube. 

 Pull tightly and crimp. 

 Separate your wires, adding a white bicone and silver bead on the top wire, and a red bicone and silver bead on the bottom wire.  

 Cross your wires through a red bicone, pulling tightly, and adding a silver bead onto each wire, followed by a bicone.  (Refer to the project pattern below to complete the pattern). 

 Once you've completed the pattern, add your crimp, bicone, and closed ring. 

 Back your wire through your crimp, pulling tightly and crimping. 

 Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers. Use the provided jump rings to attach your clasp and safety chain to the closed rings.

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