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This new easy beading project features a cool new buckle clasp with a 15mm opening. The clasp and spacers available will work with 3 strands of 5 x 1.5mm leather, though they may need to be glued into place to hold them in place tightly.

  • Glue 3 strands of 5 x 1.5mm leather into 1 half of the clasp.
  • Decorate with whichever sliders you've chosen.
  • Trim the leather to find the appropriate sizing.
  • Add the other half of your clasp (Without gluing).
  • Test the size, and trim at needed.
  • Once sizing is complete, glue and wear.
Materials Needed
  • 1 Buckle Clasp
  • 3 Strands of 5 x 1.5mm flat leather
  • (optional)Slider beads with a 15mm Hole
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Super New Glue
  • Sharp Scissors

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