Enchanted Bracelet and Earring Kit Instructions

Bracelet Instructions

Stretch out your elastic cord, and add a gold bead.

Begin your pattern.

4mm Bicone / Gold Bead / 6mm Bicone / Gold Bead / 4mm Bicone / Silver Multi-cut Bead

Repeat 6 times, replacing the multi-cut bead with a gold bead.

Use the jump rings to add your charm.

Add your large multi-cut, and create your knot.

Trim cord, and hide your knot. 

Earring Instructions.

Cut your chain into 2 equal lengths.

On your headpin add the following

Small Bicone / Silver Saucer / Gold Bead / Silver Saucer / Large Bicone / Silver Saucer / Gold Bead / Silver Saucer / Small Bicone

Wrap into the bottom of your chain. Trim excess wire from your head-pin.  

Connect the other side of the chain to your lever back.

repeat for your next earring.

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