Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet Kit

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Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet Kit
Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet Kit
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Our Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet Kit is available in 5 different gemstones.  Each Gemstone is paired with stunning Swarovski Crystal Beads, and Swarovski Crystal Pearls to compliment their natural beauty.  When finished this bracelet wraps around the wrist twice, and is finished off with a powerful .925 Sterling Silver magnetic clasp, making it easy to take on and off.  Each kit includes material to create 1 bracelet that can fit up to an 8 inch wrist.  Tools are available separately. 

Difficulty: Beginner
Time to Complete: 20-30 Minutes
Tools Needed: Nipper Tools, Crimp Tool
Techniques Used: Crimping
Finished Length: From 6.5 inches, to 8 inches
Materials: .925 Sterling Silver, Natural Gemstones, Swarovski Crystal Beads, Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

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