If there is one thing I have learned in the jewelry design business, its that there is almost certainly more than 1 way to achieve the results you may be looking for with a bracelet design. Im sure not everyone is interested in purchasing a riveting tool, and messing around with hexagonal screws to create an identity bar bracelet. Today I'm going to show you how to achieve the same design concept by using a little super new glue, and some RG-1330 slider beads.

You will need a few things to get started

  • 10 x 1.5mm Flat leather (You should get a few extra inches for this project because of the technique. Starting with 12 inches is probably best for your first try) - View Product
  • 2 - RG-1330 spacers - View Product
  • A bracelet identity bar of your choice. - View Product
  • A Clasp for 10mm flat leather.  - View Now
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super New Glue - View Product
  • A pair of flat nose pliars. (doesnt matter if they are bent or straight as long as you can get a good hold of the leather) - View Tools

Begin the process by cutting your leather in half, then cutting 1 end to a point.

Slide one RG-1330 spacer onto your flat leather.

Load your identity bar onto the leather (be sure its the face is the correct way).

Flip your leather over, and load the point back through the RG-1330 Spacer. Once you have it through a bit, use your pliars to pull it nice and tight.

Drop a few drops of super new glue under the pointed part of your leather.  (you can cut the point flat here for a more finished look)

Make sure its lined up evenly and let it dry for a few minutes. Repeat the whole process on the other side of the bar.

Now just size it up, and add your clasps.
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