How to Create your Own leather lariat necklace

One of out most recent necklace kits, and probably one of the most popular necklaces we've ever put together here at Our original necklace featured Swarovski pear pendants, but there really are a lot more possibilities out there. The basics of the necklace can remain the same, but by testing out different drops, you may find results that really match your style. Im gonna show you below how we put this kit together, and some great options to add a different twist to hit.

The first step is making sure you have the all the materials needed for this project.

You'll need the following to get started

  • 1.5mm Leather
  • 2 - 1.5mm Sterling Silver End Caps
  • Super New Glue
  • 2 - 5mm Jump Rings
  • 2 Pear Pendants (That what we use, but we will show you some alternatives at the end).
  • Sterling Silver CZ Button Slider

Follow the 5 steps below to create your own Lariat Necklace

Begin by assembling your cz button slider

Step 1

Begin by assembling your CZ button slider following the image. Do not attempt to force the button closed. Add enough pressure with align the holes, then load both ends of the leather through the holes. The spring will do the work for you.

Size your necklace

Step 2

Put the leather, with the button over your head to determine where you would like your neck- lace to sit. Once you’ve determined your length, use scissors to trim the ends of the leather on a slight angle.

Cut your leather at an angle. Add a drop of super new glue into your end cap and inset leather

Step 3

Add a drop of glue to the end of your leather and slide the it into your end cap. Repeat this for the other end of your leather. Be sure the circle of end cap is facing the same direction as your slider. Set aside for about 10 allowing the glue to begin to set.

Open your jump ring

Step 4

Using 2 pair of pliers open your jump rings wide enough to accommodate your pendant.

Attach your pear to the end cap with your jump ring and close

Step 5

Load your pear pendant onto the jump rings, then attach to your end caps. Close your jump rings securely. Let the glue set for 30 minutes to make sure everything stay in place..

Just like that you've completed a new lariat necklace in just a few minutes (Not including the drying time of course). Now, if you look at the header image you'll see we've also done this project using Swarovski's Spike pendants to make the necklace a little more edgy. Now you can really begin to try some different ideas to fit your personal style.

Here are some variations we've done

Lariat Necklace create with cross beads

Lariat with Cross Beads

Using earring wrapping techniques you can take your favorite beads and convert them into drops for your Lariat Necklace.

Crystalactite Lariat Slide Necklace

Lariat with Crystalactite Pendants

Here we fancied up the design using Swarovski's beautiful Crystalactice Pendant. Using pure drops or twisted drops would work well too.

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