Our latest design project is going to show you a new way to work with 1.5mm leather cord. This bracelet combines 1.5mm leather with 5.7mm Rollo Chain to form the base of the design. Connecting your toggle just takes a couple of jump rings, and you have a bracelet.

Materials Needed
  • 2 5.5mm Jump Rings
  • 2 7mm Jump Rings
  • 1 Toggle
  • 24 inches of 5.7mm Rollo Chain
  • 4 Feet of 1.5mm Leather Cord
View Kit (All materials needed are included in our kits)
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Nipper Tool
  • Super New Glue
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Clip Board (Makes life easier)

This project can easily be completed by a beginner with the right tools. Our only suggestion is that you've had experience opening and closing jump rings. Once you've got that down, the rest starts to fall in place pretty easy. I should probably also mention that if you haven't worked with super new glue before, a little bit goes a long way.... lets get started.

Begin by opening your 5.5mm Jump Rings and attaching them to each side of your toggle

Take your 24 inches of chain and cut it into 3 equal pieces (approx 8 inches each) Open your 7mm jump ring and run it through all 3 pieces of chain.

Load the 5.5mm jump ring on one end of your toggle onto the 7mm jump ring connected to your 3 lengths of chain and close.

Now run your leather through the 1st set of rings of your chain and center you leather to make sure both sides are equal

Working Right to Left run your right cord through the next set of loops running the same direction.

Now take left piece and run it through that same loop you just did so that it is positioned on top.

Continue this pattern until you have reached the desired length.

Once you have reached the length you want, use a nipper tool to cut off extra rings. The bottom of your bracelet should look like the image above.

Connect the other half of your toggle the same way we did in the beginning of the guide.

Glue your leather where your last pass went through the chain on both side, and let dry for a few minutes.

Use your nipper tool to cut off extra leather, and you're done!

Now that you're done putting this project together, we recommend letting it sit for at least a couple of hour to make your your glue has time to get a nice strong hold. We hope you enjoyed this project, and keep checking back for our next guide!

John Woodson
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