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G-S Hypo Cement should be a staple item in any beaders arsenal. Combine with knotting cord to add ease to any knotting project.
braided gemstone bracelet in picture jasperTools & Supplies Used (Available at the bottom of this guide)
  • G-S Hypo Cement
  • Nipper Tools
  • 1.2mm Chinese Knotting Cord


Techniue used in
  • Shamballa Bracelets
  • Chan Lu Style Leather Wrap
  • Zipper Bracelet

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Learning to work with G-S Hypo Cement and chinese knotting cord it an important step when learning to make Shamballa bracelets, wrap bracelet and various other styles of jewelry. When working the chinese knotting cord, it can often be troublesome fitting your cord through different hole sizes. Even larger hole sizes can be troublesome with frayed ends on the cord causing undo head-ache. A little G-S hypo cement can make the whole ordeal go a lot smoother. Below, you'll see the 5 steps I use before I start any projects that require knotting cord.

Step 1

Open your G-S Hypo Cement and apply a good amount to your knotting cord.

Step 2

You should have a visible glob of cement on top of your cord.

Step 3

Begin working the hypo cement into your knotting cord. First run all the hypo cement into the cord, and then begin pulling outward. At this point let your cord dry to 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4

Use your nipper tool to cut a sharp angle into your knotting cord, creating a needle point.

Step 5

One you've got your needle point you're ready to get your cord into those not so easy to work with opening.

Happy Beading,

John Woodson
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