Make a Statement with this Stand-out Piece this Fall Season!

Hello Beaders! Our latest Jewelry kit(The Bold Statement Bracelet Cuff)features a 50mm focal piece, combined with 3 strands of 10 x 1.5mm leather, and is closed off with a heavy duty 37mm Magnetic clasp. This one really does make a statement. This new eye-catching piece definitely isn't dainty.

Materials Needed for the Project
  • Bold Statement Bracelet Kit (includes all beads and leather needed)
  • A Sharpie (Or other variety of Black Marker)
  • Super New Glue (I wouldn't try using anything else. We haven't found anything else that works this good with leather and metal.)
  • A Cutting Tool (You can use Scissors or a Nipper Tool)

Step 1: Size it up. With a 12" ruler, lay your clasp, your center piece and your 3 pieces of leather out.

Follow this guide for sizing:
  • For a 7 inch bracelet you need to be at 8.5 inches
  • For a 7.5 inch bracelet you need to be at 9 inches
  • For a 8 inch bracelet you need to be at 9.5 inches.
Mark your leather and cut excess off all three pieces.

*Make sure you've inserted your leather into the center piece for accurate sizing.*

Step 2: Cut that Leahter!

Fold each of your pieces of leather in half and cut in the center (try to be as accurate as possible to make things easier later) creating 6 pieces of equal size leather.*We use scissors here, but you can use any cutting tool you have on hand that will make a precise cut*

Step 3: Test it out!
Put your bracelet together WITHOUT using Super New Glue.
*When working with glue it is always important to measure twice and glue once, because there usually isn't room for mistakes once the glue comes into play. *

Step 4: Rulers are our Friends!

Lay your bracelet out and measure. Determine if you need to make any adjustments in sizing.

*If you need adjustments, determine the amount and divide by 2. Cut this amount off of each side of leather. For example if you need to cut off 1/2 inch, then cut 1/4 inch off each piece of leather (all 6)*

Step 5: Making the Commitment!
  • Place 5 drops of Super New Glue along one of the trenches in the center piece.
  • Roll the center piece around to evenly apply the glue.
  • Place all three pieces of leather into the trench and firmly
  • Push them up into place, the ends should all line up. Allow to dry 15 minutes.
Step 6: It's Basically just step 5

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of center piece.

*Be sure that you leather is in the proper order. It would be really awful if the leather didn't match on each side.*

Step 7: Adding your Clasp.

Place 5 drops of Super NEW Glue along the trench of 1 side of your clasp. Roll the clasp around to apply glue evenly. Place all three pieces of leather into the trench and firmly push them up into place, the ends should all line up. Allow to dry 15 minutes.

*Make sure your clasp is facing the correct way*

Step 8: I feel like I'm Repeating myself.

Repeat Step 7 on the other end of your clasp and allow bracelet to dry for 24 hours.

*It is important to resist the temptation to wear your fancy new bracelet while it drys! I know it's taunting you, but you have to ignore it... even if you have to hide it in a box!*
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