Jade (Canadian) 13x18mm Rectangle Beads

Jade (Canadian) 13x18mm Rectangle Beads

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Jade (Canadian) 13mm x 18mm Rectangle
 Beads 9pcs approx

Size: 13mm X 18mm

Shape: Rectangle

Material: Jade (Canadian)

Packaging:  Strand (approx 9 pcs)

What Is Jade (Canadian)?

An Opaque stone found in shades of green, light purple, yellow, pink and creamy white shades. The term Jade is often used to describe both jadeite and nephrite which are similar in appearance and use. The best quality jade comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Jade is not only a hard stone, 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Scale,  but is also an extremely tough stone which allows it to be cut as a solid piece and used for a ring or bracelet.

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