This daring leather kit features 2 NEW silver rings along with our leather components. The bracelet is finished off with an easy to use magnetic clasp, and will look great all summer long.New LEather & Rings Jewelry Kit Intructions

Aside from your base kit, you will need a sharp pair of scissors and a bottle of super new glue

Step 1 - Take your 2.5mm black leather and cut it into 2 equal lengths with your scissors.

Step 2 - Put 2 drops of super new glue into 1 end of your clasp and load your leather in the following order
  • 2.5mm Round
  • 5mm Flat
  • 2.5mm round

Step 3 - Put your first ring (small) onto your 5mm leather.

Step 4 - Take your left and right 2.5mm cords and cross them underneath your 5mm flat leather.

Step 5 - Run your 5mm leather back down the ring (this will hold your 2.5mm in place while you move on).

Step 6 - Now repeat until you've loaded all rings in the following pattern
  • 3 small
  • 1 large
  • 3 small

Step 7 - Once you've completed all the patterns, adjust sizing, and glue into the other end of your clasp (be sure your clasp is facing the correct way).