Material Needed (Available in Kit)
  • 1 Narrow Half Cuff
  • 12" of 2.5mm Black Greek Leather
  • 8" of Leather in your Choice of Color

Tools Needed

  • Nipper Tool
  • Super New Glue!
  • Shamballa Clip Board Set Up (Recommended for making your knot)
  • Flat Nose Pliers

Step 1. Fold your black (12") leather in half evenly and clip onto your clipboard.

Step 2. Take your colored (8") leather and place it under both sides of your black leather. Make sure the colored leather is placed evenly, so that both sides are of equal length.

Step 3. Take one side of your colored leather and wrap it under the black leather 4 times, looping as you go.

Step 4. Take the short side of your colored leather (the side you wrapped with) and slide it through the loops upwards.

Step 5. Take the long side of the colored leather and slide it through the loops downward.

Step 6. Unclip your loop end from the clipboard and place the head of your Narrow Cuff into the loop of black leather. Slide the wrapped knot up to make the loop approximately 1/2 inch, so that your cuff can go on and off.


Step 7. Pull your wrapped knot tightly using your hand and a pair of flat nose pliers.

Step 8.Remove the leather from the clipboard completely and measure the bracelet on your wrist.

Step 9. Leave approximately 1/2" of leather to glue into the trench. Example you need 5" to complete your bracelet so you will nip 5.5".

Step 10. Nip your ends and smash them flat with your flat nose pliers.

Step 11. Position your ends into the trench on the Narrow Cuff to ensure they fit correctly. If needed smash ends flatter for positioning.

Step 12. When you are satisfied with the fit and the placement, remove all three leathers carefully.

Step 13. Place 3 drops of Super NEW Glue along the trench of your Narrow Cuff and place all three leathers into the trench. Push the leather inside firmly to secure it in place.

Step 14. Go back to your wrapped knot and nip the short end of your colored leather at the knot. Place a drop of Super NEW Glue on the nipped end to secure in place.

Step 15. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing.
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