While we have recommended Greek leathers to use with most of our magnetic clasps, and sliders, you can get creative and bring varied combinations to your designs. Take for example our latest Jewelry Kit which combines 1.5mm round leather, and 2.5mm round leather into a clasp meant for 5mm Flat leather.

With this kit, the use of 1.5mm leather allowed us to add some nice traditional embellishment beads that wont work with the larger leathers. The 7mm seamless rounds fit perfectly onto 1.5mm leather because of their larger hole size. Using this technique you could easily add any large hole beads to get different results (8mm pave beads, 8mm large hole gemstone, or fancy gold and silver spacers).

New Swarovski Button Leather Kit in SilverNew Swarovski Button Leather Kit in Gold

This latest kit is just another way to have fun with the hot leather trend going on.  If you want to view this or more kits, head over to our leather jewelry kit section and see what we've put together so far.


  • Begin by gluing your leather into 1 end of your clasp in the following pattern (1.5mm | 2.5mm | 1.5mm).
  • Slide 1  Swarovski button slider onto all 3 strands of leather. (Make sure it is facing the correct way in relation to your clasp).
  • Take 2 of your round beads, and slide 1 onto each strand of 1.5mm leather.
  • Add your second Swarovski button slider onto all 3 strands of leather.
  • Add your remaining round beads onto your 1.5mm leather.
  • Add your last Swarovski button slider.
  • Position all your beads in to center of your bracelet
  • Trim your leather to even lengths (just enough to work on your sizing)
  • Set the other half of your clasp onto the leather (Do not glue yet), and begin sizing.
  • Trim excess leather to fit desired size.
  • Once you've sized, glue all strands of leather into the other end of your clasp.
  • *Don't forget to allow your bracelet time to dry. We recommend a full 24 hours to allow the glue to cure.

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