(Completed Flower Tube Bracelet)

1) Take 16" wire and cut it in half so that you have two equal pieces of wire.

2) On the back of your flower, take one piece of wire and run it through one hole and down through the next hole. Use a 2mm ball and put both wires through the hole in your ball. Pull  tight.

3) String your 5mm crystal saucer onto both strands. Then string your 6mm squaredell, 6mm cube, 6mm squaredell, and 5mm saucer onto both strands.

4) String your 5mm ball onto both strands.

5) String THREE crimp tubes onto both strands. Make sure to pull tight so that your 2mm ball sits in between the scallops on the back of the flower. Crimp EACH crimp. This has stabilized your flower section.

6) Measure ¾” of wire and cut ONLY ONE of your wires to this length. The shorter wire should be hidden inside your tube (coming up). On the remaining wire string your bracelet tube and a 5mm ball. String a 4mm bicone, a crimp tube, another 4mm bicone and one end of your toggle.

7) Double your wire back through the bicone closest to your toggle and the crimp tube. Pull your wire tight and follow steps 2-4 on your left. Cut off your excess wire and cover your crimp with a crimp cover.

8) Repeat steps 2-7 for the other side of your flower/bracelet.


*This bracelet is adjustable,However, if you need a smaller size, simply use just ONE bicone on each end of your bracelet,instead of two .*
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