Spring Forward Sun Catcher Kit Instructions

Once you've un-packed your sun catch, run your wire through your cross center it.

Add 3 bicones on each side of the wire.

Bring your wires together and string an additional bicone.

Wrap the wire (leaving a large enough loop for your jump ring.) and trim excess cord.  Set aside.

On your eye-pin add the following

Saucer / Rondell / Round / Rondell / Saucer

Wrap eye-pin (Again, leave a large enough loop to accommodate your jump ring.) And Trim excess wire.

Open your jump ring, and begin assembling your sun catch.

With your wire ring, connect your cross to an octagon bead, and close jump ring.

Next, connect that octagon to the bottom of your eye-pin, and close the jump ring.

Now connect the top of your eye-pin to your second octagon, and close your ring.

Add another jump ring to the top of the octagon, connect your closed ring, and close the jump ring.

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