Swarovski (5810) 5mm Pearl - Velvet Brown (25 Pack)

Swarovski (5810) 5mm Pearl - Velvet Brown (25 Pack)

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Part Number:5810-5-VELVET-BROWN

Swarovski (5810) Pearl - Velvet Brown 

With its vintage antique luxury feel, Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl creates a decadent, elegant edge, reminding us to celebrate the finer things in life. Combined with the passion and radiance of the new Scarlet, designs are given added elegance and a sophisticated allure. 

Product Features

  • A velvety brown color with a hint of copper
  • The silky matte effect creates an interesting look the pearls appear
  • both matte and shiny at the same time ? Crystal core
  • Consistent hole diameter, as per Crystal Pearl assortment
  • Highest quality standard and appearance (smooth and plane surfaces due to unique coloring process) 
  • Classic and versatile brown shade suitable for autumnal looks
  • Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl complements the new Scarlet (276), opening up new and unexpected design possibilities
  • Suitable with Bronze and Rose Gold Pearl effects
  • Easy to combine with metallic effects
  • Extension of classic crystal pearl effect line in a broad range of sizes and shapes; facilitates additional designs 

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