Swarovski 5810 Gemcolor 8mm Pearls - Crystal Lapis (25 Pieces)

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Swarovski Crystal Gemcolor Pearls are a great alternative to expensive, genuine pearls. These pearls are made with an innovative pearl coating, giving them a silky, smooth, flawless look. Available in a variety of amazing colors, these pearls give you the look of timeless tradition, with the option to add your personality!


Launching an extensive package of the new Gemcolors, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS introduces a new look for Crystal Pearls.
Polished and shiny, these colors have the finest opaque gemstones as natural counterparts - such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise,
Jade, Coral and Ivory. 
As from now there will be two color lines. The classic Crystal Pearls colors for perfect replicas of genuine pearls and the new CRYSTAL PEARLS GEMCOLORSs that emulate natural opaque gemstones.

Type Swarovski
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