Swarovski Presents the Psychology of color.  11 Months, 11 Colors.
Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun's brightness, warmth and light.  It's the color of ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity and boosting confidence, as well as clearing the mind, reviving the spirit, and encouraging us to live life to the fullest.
This juicy, summery shade is wonderfully energizing. Tangerine is a vivacious color that brings clarity and creativity and promotes physical strength and endurance.
Aquamarine inspires feelings of relaxation, weightlessness and purity.  This cool tranquil blue promotes peacefulness and trust, inspires patience and also helps to calm the senses.
Rose Water Opal is soft and gentle, representing the sweetness of youth and suggesting a nurturing instinct.  This color emphasizes your emotional sensitivity and conveys a sense of calm.