Many of our long time customers will remember the reward program that we ran for years, while some of our new customers may never have heard of it. Earlier this year our reward system was taken down due to some problems with how it was working. Well, I'm proud to say, after many months of work, the system is now back up and running in full swing. Wanna see how it works?

How do I earn reward points?

There is only 1 requirement for you to earn points while you shop.  Simply create an account and you will automatically begin to earn reward points for every product you purchase (Excluding Clearance Center Items)

(example of points shown on product page)

When viewing any of our product pages you will see an area below the product image showing you how many points your item is worth.  Once you complete an order you will also receive an E-mail letting you know your total amount of points earned for your order, as well as your total points earned.

What do I do with these points?

Once you've started earning points, you can begin purchasing Bead Bucks with them.

What are Bead Bucks?

Bead bucks are $10.00 and $25.00 gift certificates that you can purchase for 350 or 750 reward points.  Be sure to choose the appropriate amount, because you can only have 1 outstanding Bead Bucks certificate at a time.  

To redeem your points to will need to start by logging in to your account.  Once on you've logged in your need to navigate down to the reward area.

The reward area will show your total points (I sure have a lot of them).  From this area you have 2 option 
  • View Details: Here you can see how many points you have earned on each order, as well as adjustments made for out of stock items, returned items, or special promotions that give you extra reward points.
  • Redeem: This is when you'll need to go in order to purchase your Bead Bucks.  Click redeem and you'll be taken to the product redemption page.

On this page you can see your 2 options to redeem.  Here you simply select the gift code amount your want, and you'll be asked to confirm on the next page.  Once you've confirmed, you will have an email sent to your with a Gift Code you can use on your next order.

Where do I put the gift code?

Most of our customers are familiar with our VIP program, and entering your VIP code. This process works the same way. Once you add an item to your cart, you are taken to the review cart page.  Look for the area in the image below to Redeem Certificate or coupon code. 

Enter your code in the box shown above and press go. Once your code is applied, you will not see a change in your order amount.  The gift certificate works a little different than our coupons.  While coupons will automatically deduct a % or $ amount from your order, our gift certificate reflect as payment, and wont show up until you're enter payment information for your order.

Thats it... now go have fun earning rewards!  If you have any additional questions you can ask here, or send an email to me as [email protected]

Happy Beading
John Woodson
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