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Black Friday Event

Save an additional 10% OFF your Entire Order

Black friday is a time to try to seek out the best deals of the year on the products you want.  All over the Country people will wait in tents, outside in the cold to get their hands on the deal of the year.  We say, why wait outside, and why wait until Friday?  Here at Toocutebeads.com, Black Friday starts now! 
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Too Cute Beads Bucks - How to use our rewards program

Many of our long time customers will remember the Toocutebeads.com reward program that we ran for years, while some of our new customers may never have heard of it. Earlier this year our reward system was taken down due to some problems with how it was working. Well, I'm proud to say, after many months of work, the system is now back up and running in full swing. Wanna see how it works?
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New Earring and Necklace Kit - Silver Nights Jewelry Kit

Take center stage with this breathtaking Swarovski Crystal necklace and earring combo. The Crystal Silver Night effect in this Jewelry Kit will glitter and sparkle when catching the light. Crafted on a .925 Sterling Silver chain, and combined with Swarovski Briolette Beads, this earring and necklace set was made to draw attention.
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Steal of the Week - All New Bling Cuff Jewelry Kits

This week were introducing 2 all new bling cuff jewelry kits. These new bracelet kits are available in both 3 strand and 5 strand versions, and each comes with a gorgeous 20mm or 30mm stainless steel magnetic toggle for flat leather.
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All new Double Loop Leather Bracelet Design Idea

Our two tone double loop leather bracelet design idea combines 4.5mm round greek leather with both antique silver, and antique copper components. The sample bracelet in our image combined 2 separate clasps in different finished to achieve the complete two tone look we wanted.
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All New Vintage Victorian Bracelet Jewelry Kits

We've just released 2 new 10mm flat leather bracelet jewelry kits, with some exclusive Toocutebeads.com components. The technique in each of the kits is the same, but the centerpieces come in two different styles. 

 To create this kit, you need to learn two techniques. Both techniques are covered in our step by step instructions.
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Easy Beading - Licorice Leather Braided Half Cuff available now!

Our latest easy beading project features our all new licorice leather half cuff clasps, combined with our suede and nappa 4mm and 4.5mm round leather. The technique is a simple braid, done with complimenting colors of leather.
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Learn to make your own bracelets

In this video Toocutebeads.com shows you all you need to know to make a bracelet.  Learn the tools you need, proper techniques, and everything else that makes your jewelry look professional.
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Learn to create your own earrings

Our comprehensive video on beginning earring techniques will show you everything you need to know to start creating professional quality earring. 
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Leather hoops earring kit Instructions

Our leather hoops earring kit combines two colors of our 2.5mm leather with a set of terminals, jump rings, and ball end ear wires.
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