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Two Tone Sparkle Earring Kit
$31.99 $22.39
Swarovski Infinity Shamballa Bracelet Kit
$28.99 $20.29
Captured Crystal Earring Kit - Silver Nights
$14.99 $10.49
8mm Round Grade A Gemstone Beads - Faceted Red and Black Agate (10 Pack)
$2.80 $1.96
Swarovski (4499/S) 6mm Kaleidoscope Fancy Stone Setting - Rhodium (1 Piece)
$0.69 $0.48
Swarovski (4499/S) 14mm Kaleidoscope Fancy Stone Setting - Gold (1 Piece)
$2.10 $1.47
Swarovski (4499) 10mm Kaleidoscope Fancy Stone - Crystal Sunshine Delite (1 Piece)
$3.60 $2.52
14K Gold Filled 6mm CZ Chain Drop (1 Piece) - 1
$7.62 $5.33
Two Tone Light Chrome Bracelet Kit
$28.99 $20.29
Swarovski 18 x 13mm Fancy Stone (4320) Pear - Army Green Delite
$4.65 $3.26
Swarovski 10mm (1811) Round Button - Crystal Gold
$7.00 $4.90
Swarovski 13mm (1812) Square Button - Aquamarine Silver
$8.29 $5.80
Swarovski (5000) 6mm Round Bead - Peridot Shimmer (Pack of 10)
$5.44 $3.81
Swarovski (5000) 4mm Round Bead - Peridot Shimmer (Pack of 10)
$3.73 $2.61
Swarovski (5810) 10mm Crystal Eden Green (25 Pieces)
$10.94 $7.66

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Jewelry Kits specializes in DIY jewelry kits. Our Bracelet, Necklace, Earring, and especially Christmas jewelry kits have been our most popular items for well over 10 years. We create each of our kits with best highest quality beads, and findings, including Swarovski crystals, to .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, Gemstones, and more.

What exactly are Jewelry Kits?

Jewelry kits are projects expertly designed to bring you all the fun of DIY jewelry making, with none of the fuss. We include the exact amount of beads for every Jewelry kit project we create. No extra beads, no hassle. Want to put together a Christmas jewelry making party? get set up in minutes with our huge selection of Holiday Jewelry kits.

How hard are your kits to make?

We design almost all of our kits to be able to be crafted by beginning beaders. Anything that’s a little more complicated will have a video that you can follow Step-by-Step along with the designer. Stop by our youtube Channel for out introduction videos on making bracelet and making earrings.

What comes in the kit?

Kits include all the beads and findings to create a finished piece of jewelry. You will need to have a set of hand tools, and sometimes adhesive in order to complete the project.

It's True- Each Jewel Hides a Story!

The ornaments we wear are personal, beautiful and help define the way we represent ourselves to the world. However, it’s a notion that jewelry has to be expensive. Gold and Silver is supposed to make the wearer feel opulent. That does not have to imply that every jewel you own has to cost a fortune, but sometimes it's worth paying a little for really special and luxurious DIY jewelry kits. With our unique jewelry making kits in wholesale rates, it is easy to design, create chic charms, necklaces, bracelets or earrings that can be worn or gifted with love. Too Cute Beads wholesale jewelry supplies in the USA has a wide variety of DIY jewelry tools from the best brands. Whether you are an expert in jewelry or you are starting in this sector, here you will find everything you need for jewelry making starter kits. Our company is committed to designing, innovation and a well-finished product, for which the materials are always of high quality, chosen with care and carefully examined before being sent. We are continually evolving, increasing our catalog according to your needs. If you need any material and currently do not have it, we will try to get it, contact us. Our jewelry making supplies include beads, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, high-quality materials to make bracelets, necklaces and more. Save time and increase your design potential with the appropriate stringing materials.

Because We Love Handmade Jewelry Supplies

At Too Cute Beads, we have hundreds of high-quality handmade jewelry tools available, all great for carrying out numerous projects in the creation of custom jewelry. We have high-quality hand tools for designing personalized charms and trinkets available in our “Supplies” category. For the beginners, we also offerjewelry store supplies in wholesale rates. You will find everything you need to get started in the sector, including simple kits to practice, as well as easy-to-use jewelry tools.

Buy The Best Jewelry Store Supplies in Wholesale

So you have decided to buy a jewelry making kit? So far so good. Too Cute Beads is the ideal platform for this because each jewelry kit that goes on sale is verified for its quality and authenticity. For ideas, take a look at some of the most beautiful creations crafted from our jewelry kits. Did you know you can sell your beautiful yet unique creations as well? Give it a thought! As a leading company in wholesale jewelry supply and distributors, we have everything you need and more to kick start your latest project. We work with renowned brands in the jewelry industry to offer you the best DIY jewelry making tools at a very competitive price. Ideal for both professional jewelry making and use at home, our kits and tools are the most popular.

Jewelry Makers Supplies and Tools for Events and Beginners

Looking for an outstanding garland to wear in Easter or Christmas? We have specialized Christmas kits for you. We also offer an eye-catching variety of jewelry kits for beginners and products that will help you design your glitzy-snazzy charms. For those who are studying and launching their profile in this art, our kits are ideal to assist you in your progress. We have several units, therefore, we recommend to review in detail the characteristics of each product and its presentation.

We Offer the Necessary Materials You Need to Start Making Your Costume Jewelry

Crafting, designing and using different types of jewelry, whether earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and other pieces make us fancy and complement our daily look. Nothing better than crafting the accessories of the desired length, the indicated color and the material that you like the most. The first thing is to know the type of piece, color, and texture you want and with this idea to look into our online store to buy most of the materials. The jewels can be composed of precious stones or Swarovski crystals that are considered valuable because of their rarity, purity and economic value. Swarovski crystals come in different colors that you can combine with stones, woods or natural materials. You can also find plastic beads that mimic good gems, and are affordable. Generally, these beads are perforated in the center of the object to be crimped or threaded into the wire or thread. Gemstones and sterling silver, rose gold findings are easier to find in our wholesale jewelry making supplies bulk store.

Metals Beads and Findings:

• Crimps secure the thread in the clasp.

• Clasps for bracelets and necklaces.

• Rings, earrings hook to make the complete set, ring base, etc.

• The fastener to chain the necklace or bracelet.

• Plastic beads and charms with a metal finish.

• The wire is used as a base and sold in various colors, types and thicknesses.

• The base for rings and the hooks for the metal earrings.

Too Cute Beads jewelry making kits charms and findings give analogy and unity to the pieces, add brightness and elegance. To create custom jewelry, we can buy metals of different compositions right here in our store online. Here is an excellent opportunity for you to choose custom jewelry supplies to meet your needs.

We thank you for trusting the store. Do not forget to visit us regularly to check our news and promotions.

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