As a custom jewelry crafter, we know you must be doing some great beadwork to kickstart this year on high outturn. However, we also know that you’re probably tired of your beads fading every day. Their finish just doesn’t last, and it wears off after months or so. Some metal beads are durable and their colors last in intense weather conditions too but if a person wearing bracelets made up of beads has high skin acidity, especially metal beads start fading, and it becomes a “One-Time-Wear”.

Neither you want this, nor you want your customer to experience this. Therefore, we’re listing down some precautionary tips that can save your metallic, dyed and galvanized beads from fading. Just wondering if your beads can be re-colored with acrylic spray paint, wouldn’t that be pleasing to your old bracelets resting in some corner of your dressing table’s drawer? Of course, we want you to wear those beautiful gems again and so let’s make a move to extend your bead’s life.

5 Reasons Why Metal Beads Fade

Before you take a look at the tips, you should know the reasons at first why your beads are fading and what you need to change about them. There could be many possible factors adding to your bead’s fading but why do your beads have to suffer for your negligence, anyway?

1.     It is likely that a bead’s virgin color doesn’t come inherently from the glass or stone. The surface treatment is not done properly.

2.     A vibrant or unusual color that didn’t get absorbed correctly while dipping the beads.

3.     Pink and purple family colors are visibly light, and it has a bad absorption wavelength. 

4.     Your wet and sweaty hands play a big part in bead’s instability. Don’t rub them or play with them when you’re bored. Find other alternatives.

5.     If the bead is not dyed perfectly, the color coating over the metal gets removed, and the metal loses its shine.

Tips To Extend Your Beads Durability

Every query in the world can get solved if you know the treatment before its dead end. Make it work today.

1.     The first step is to coat your beads with acrylic spray paint when you’re working on them. Seed beads demand coating with a technique you may not know. Pour beads in a zip lock plastic bag, spray paint into the bag and then you have to give it a good shake. This way the beads will be coated automatically. Once, you’re finished with the painting, pour them out of the bad and dry them on a separate plastic sheet.

Bonus Tip: Perform this spray technique in a well-ventilated area and dispose of the zip lock bag immediately after you finish. Don’t let yourself inhale the dangerous toxins. Wear mask and hand gloves

2.     Use acrylic floor wax which is highly recommended to strengthen the stitched thread for finished seed-bead work, and it also works best for discolored beads to gain back life.

Bonus Tip: Do your dip work on stuff in a dish having good depth and then air-dry it on paper towels.

3.     Prefer light coats of a product and try buying best metals for jewelry including gold, platinum, palladium, silver-sterling, stainless steel etc. These mediums can give your beads a longer finish, creating a high-gloss look.

4.     If you don’t want to invite the trouble and can’t resist for the metallic finish, Too cute beads offers high-end quality stainless steel metal beads and findings that are more stable and perpetual than cheap wholesale bracelets beads.

Well, beads durability narrow down when one doesn’t maintain their finish, or either unaware of the efficiency process. Keep in mind that bright metal colored beads can only be created when using a galvanized finish which is done on an unstable surface treatment. Although, beadweaving projects are tricky to deal one can also try fully to work on their bead’s longevity. Please note that spray paint is done on loose beads not after when you sew them into a bracelet. Don’t rush on your wet beads. Let them dry in peace and do not look back at it for some time. Give them time to settle down and use a fresh plastic bag for the dying process.

Remember that beads which are dyed in certain colors like pink, purple, red, orange normally fade quicker than other colors as they don’t leave chance under natural or artificial light when it contacts with the skin after laundering or dry cleaning.

So, bright colors are risky to put on beads but take chances, keep experimenting, don’t stop and create unique DIY jewelry of beaded bracelets.

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