The monochrome jewelry was replaced time back by the beautifully colored crystal stories and attractive gemstones to give a new meaning to high-end jewelry. The revolt of the shimmery rainbow Swarovski Crystals has beaten the traditional jewelry fad and made the fashion exclusive. 

What Are Swarovski Crystals and How Its Jewelry Are Made?

Swarovski crystals are offbeat to your ordinary custom jewelry based on the surname of late “Daniel Swarovski,” the expert glass-cutter who invented the special electric cutting machine in 1892 to cut and produce fine glass crystals.  These are made up of pure quartz, sand, and minerals.              

With invention of Swarovski crystals, he landed two major business purposes:

  •  Selling crystals in loose to industry
  •   Selling fine-cut crystals for jewelry, figurine, and home décor

Swarovski Crystals Are a Sign of High Living

In 1956, Swarovski added a rainbow sparkle to these crystals through the “Aurora Borealis” effect and later in 1977 launched his own crystal jewelry line. If you’re assuming these crystals are any less than any hyped-up lavish jewelry than here we break the ice. 

These man-made gems are everywhere to be seen on mesh fabric of top-fashion designers including D&G, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. If you never noticed them previously then every year on Christmas, the Swarovski created 9' diameter, 550-pound crystal star sits on the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City and catches hold of millions of eyes around the New Year.

These finished rainbow crystals are really expensive crafted by Swarovski Craftsman using a combination of natural minerals and quartz sand. These value-added crystals are known for its brilliance used in all aspects of jewelry making. Swarovski extensive jewelry line is used by both men and women worldwide including Swarovski crystal beads, chains jewelry, necklace chains, rings, earrings and watches. The beginners of DIY jewelry making can even the purchase the whole jewelry making kits to manufacture their unique Swarovski jewelry elements.

We Deal In A Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Vast Product Line
You can find the Avant-garde range of Swarovski crystals jewelry having new crystal cuts, colors, effects and the impelling Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection on our website. If you now include it in your life, they will make your every occasion worth it with the sprinkle glare they got, and you can’t feel more affectionate to these glass bead’s designs.

View our range of Swarovski Crystals that last season to season and give you a new energetic vibe every time.

1. Swarovski Crystal Beads
Our Swarovski crystal beads have rounded edges which does not put pressure on the stringing material and increase the longevity of beaded designs. We are not bounding you with limited designs so enjoy whichever bead retreats your inspiration. 

These are the cool earthy tones, and with these, you might want to dazzle up the evenings and moonstruck nights.

2. Swarovski Crystal Pendants
Our square, hexagon and triangle shape cut pendants come in all sizes and in more than 50 colors. The vertical and rounded disk pendants are manufactured in Austria in twisted designs. Remember Swarovski crystal pendants make great gifts. 

3. Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Elegance comes your way in all materials, but silky smooth is your new one we guess. These Super lustrous Swarovski crystal pearls very closely resemble the texture of an original pearl and are available in neon and translucent colors.

4. Swarovski Fancy Stones
We mostly offer oval cuts to make a perfect pendant for yourself. Majestic blue, grey and green delights and burgundy tints are our one-of-a-kind pear fancy stones that you might want to have a look on. 

5. Swarovski Crystal Components
We provide crystal components in the form of metal buttons and trapeze crystal buttons. Each differs in its beauty and shape and you can create your own jewelry with the composition of these jewelry making kits.


6. Swarovski Crystal Tex
We have these crystal tex bandings available in vibrant and metallic colors to fit best at your DIY jewelry design. They give your plain dressing instant glam-power and makes you look extraordinary.

7. Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Innovations

We have completely left on you to meet your favorite theme from the lights and shadows we offer you. The lights are about shimmery sapphires while the shadows are about ruby reds and coal blacks.


8. Swarovski Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations
not much time is remaining in welcoming summer of 2019, and for that, we launched our wanderlust inspired crystals that gives you a strong desire to travel in our royal blues and pastel colored crystals.

9.  Swarovski Innovation: Be Yourself

This year, just be yourself and shine in our unique pear-shaped multi-colored Swarovski crystals. These innovations are to make you stand out in the crowd through these exceptional bicones.

10. Special Production
These are made- to- order and are called special production crystals. You can select your options from our variety of diamond bicon beads available in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. 

Just let us know the color and bead type you require.

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